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Yin Testimonials 

I think every yoga teacher, whether interested in teaching Yin or not, would hugely benefit from Austin's training. It's well put together and has a nice balance throughout, always keeping it interesting, interactive, and thought-provoking. He offers different perspectives in his teaching and not only provides the skills to be able to teach a Yin class but inspires the knowledge and understanding of the individual human body to be a better, more compassionate teacher. The morning Yin and meditation sessions are absolute magic. You finish the course feeling like you've been on a retreat; relaxed, refreshed, renewed and sad that it's over! I wish Austin held more teacher trainings because I want to do it all over again.

Loren Peta, Actress and Yoga Teacher

Austin’s 50hr Yin Yoga training has been the best possible investment in my yoga journey - both personally and as a Vinyasa teacher. The course material is highly informative, challenges outdated yoga/teaching dogma, and has a strong emphasis on the effects that Yin has on the body, anatomically and energetically. Austin’s teaching style is structured, yet the modules flow naturally from one to another with plenty of room for discussion and exploration. If you’re planning to teach Yin, you’ll leave this course with every confidence. If you’re not planning to teach, you’ll leave this course with more knowledge about your body and your practice. Win/win. 

Nicole Rasenti, Freelance content &communications and Yoga Teacher

I completed my Yin teacher training with Austin in November 2019. I increased my knowledge & understanding in a relaxed, yet effective, environment and also had the pleasure of practicing a lot of the 'Yin' yoga as well. He is an excellent yoga instructor and has a passion for what he does which comes across in his teachings. The printed learning materials contained clear photos of all muscle groups and skeletons etc... which was very helpful. He also made our training enjoyable with extra videos, anatomy related interviews & interesting photos. I highly recommend his teacher training course. As a yoga teacher, yin became my most favourite style to teach, I love it 

Zsofia Nyakas, Yoga Teacher

Austin’s Yin TT is a well-balanced, extremely interesting course covering all aspects needed to teach a very comprehensive Yin class. I learned so much over the week, especially about anatomy which was taught so well making it practical and accessible (I learned more this week than all other courses covering anatomy put together). The course flowed nicely through the week, building knowledge and practical skills throughout and the morning practices brought to life the ideas or poses that were covered the day before. I was drawn to this course due to the small number of students, meaning the whole learning experience is more personal and tailored to the group. I couldn’t recommend this course enough! 
Ed Mann, Yoga Teacher

I met Austin few years ago and loved his classes from day one. His ability to give specific attention to each student shows his true devotion to yoga. He really cares! When I saw he was doing a Yin teacher training course I didn’t think twice. His course has given me a fresh perspective in how to teach yoga. He’s wise, direct, and funny without losing the focus on the class. The teacher training was a perfect balance of learning and practice. I’m very grateful to have been on his Yin training, it brought me a lot of inspiration. I now feel more confident knowing what’s best for my body and ready to share it in my classes. I highly recommend his classes, trainings, or workshops, you won’t regret it.

Lidia Montiel, Yoga Teacher


This course was incredible. Austin manages to impart his extensive knowledge and wisdom with such clarity, enthusiasm and with his inimitable wry sense of humour which was brilliant.  He exudes all the principles of Yin in his teaching techniques, the Effortless Effort, working hard yet allowing us time for things to really sink in. His anatomy teaching is exemplary too. He made concepts I’ve struggled with for years make sense. A master at work. Thanks always Austin.

Lizzie Francis, Yoga Teacher, Reika Practitioner, Retreat Owner

I’ve done many yoga trainings, and I can honestly say that Austin’s Yin Yoga teacher training is by far the best. The experience is immersive and complete. Austin is such a knowledgeable teacher who isn’t scared of challenging beliefs. He really helped me grow in confidence, compassion, and knowledge, both as a student and a teacher. I can’t wait to continue to study under his wise guidance.

Mariam El Azm, Yoga Teacher

I was unsure of what to expect of the yin intensive, but by the end of day 1 I knew I made a great choice. The mornings were spent practicing, relaxing, and enjoying. The afternoons were filled with Austin’s immense knowledge and assistance. The small number of students made for an intimate and personal feel to learning. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their practice, continue their learning, or experience the world of yin. 

Koreen Strauss, Yoga Teacher

I recently undertook my Yin training with Austin, and it was one of the best courses I have been on. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a love of yoga. He is a great teacher with extensive knowledge of functional anatomy, which he breaks down into easy-to-understand and accessible information. As a yoga teacher myself, I found that learning about Yin not only gave me another string to my bow, but it also allowed me to balance my own understanding of yoga and deepen my self-practice. Austin is an expert, and his humour and teaching style kept me focused and engaged throughout the course. I look forward to learning under Austin again and I'm hoping he develops an advanced Yin course for the future! Join him, you won't regret it. 

Ayesha Sowani, Yoga Teacher

Feeling more drawn to yin energies for a while but not having the knowledge to take myself deeper into the practice, I decided to join Austin’s Yin training after hearing about him through a mutual friend. The week drew me deep into the practices of Yin, the daily meditation and practice was incredible, and I left with a wealth of knowledge about the bodies yin like structures and how the practice affects not only the physical body but the subtle body and mind. I felt so confident with the knowledge Austin shared that I taught my first yin class a couple of days after the course ended, which received amazing feedback and has led me to have a permanent Yin class in the studio. 

Thank you, Austin. 🙏🏽 Forever grateful.

Gemma Felix, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

I came to Austin’s yin training as a vinyasa teacher with limited experience of yin yoga. I wanted to be able to offer yin to my clients as an alternative to flow yoga and to compliment my own practice. The course was intensive and challenging, a true immersion into yin practice, yin anatomy and yin teaching methodology and I left feeling completely confident about teaching yin. The focus was more on western understanding of anatomy than Chinese medicine and meridians although both were covered. Austin is a dedicated and supportive teacher, and the class size were limited so everyone had a chance to contribute and test their understanding. Having taken my 200-hour training with a large school, I think a small class size is very important and much preferred Austin’s approach to teacher training. I would recommend this course to any yoga teacher interested in learning more about yin yoga. 

Jo Walder, Yoga Teacher

Thank you so much - I really enjoyed the course Austin….your anatomy teaching is brilliant…I have a much better understanding after your than after 500 hours of YTT! 

Helen Quilty Yoga Teacher, Chelsea Supporter!

I heard of Austin's Yin teacher training through a friend of mine and signed up to it straight away. It was one of the quickest and best decisions I've made, and I absolutely loved every moment of it. Austin is a fantastic teacher, he's so knowledgeable and his teaching style is amazing, the whole course flew by, and I wish I could do it all over again. The daily Yin Yoga classes are glorious - leaving you feeling so relaxed, and the lessons throughout the day are so interesting and interactive you finish each day on such a high and so excited to learn more. Since finishing I have started teaching weekly Yin classes, which I felt happy and confident doing from everything I learnt on the course, and I am very grateful to Austin for everything he has taught me so far.

Indi Mountain, Yoga Teacher

Austin's Yin yoga teacher training was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Austin really made me fall in love with Yin Yoga! With everyday life being so busy these days, Yin yoga became my favourite tool to help deal with stress, anxiety and even sleep issues. Wanting to take my knowledge to the next level I decided to take Austin's Yin YTT course. After spending 7 days in the workshop (that felt more like a retreat) I left with a comprehensive understanding of Yin, a good knowledge of anatomy and generally feeling more relaxed. With a new way to practise yoga, I even began having my best sleeps, in years. Austin is a fantastic teacher, is very knowledgeable and passionate. 

Simona Venckute, Nutritionist

As a teacher, I found the Yin 60hr TTC with Austin to be a very well-balanced course. The source material was thorough, at times a refresher on the basics, and at other times shed new light on old ideas. Each morning’s Yin practice gave us an opportunity to physicalise what we were studying, and each afternoon’s lessons comprehensively integrated anatomy and theory with plenty of time for questions, discussions, and even healthy debate. A real pleasure and privilege to study with him.

Natasha O’Brien, Actress & Yoga Teacher


If you are undecided about signing up for the training, go for it! Coming from quite a yang place of practising power yoga almost daily, I think I instinctively knew that it was time to introduce a softer part of my practice and teaching and I'm so happy I signed up for the training with Austin. My body changed so much in just one week of yin practice and so did my mindset.  Austin explained the poses and teaching points so well, challenged our beliefs and made learning about it all super enjoyable and hands-on.

Csilla Gemmecke, Yoga Teacher

Having practised yin on and off for around five years, I've always found it to be a great complement to my vinyasa practice and yoga teaching work. This year I decided that the time had come to delve deeper and undertake a yin training. Having met Austin through vinyasa classes I knew that I liked the way he teaches - his breadth and depth of knowledge of yoga styles and traditions is amazing, and he has a welcoming, 'have a go and see what happens' attitude in his classes. His yin training course is intense, in depth and in a small group setting, allowing for full immersion in the subject. In our wonderful morning practices Austin seamlessly wove together practical physical instructions with stories of Taoist wisdom, and the rest of the days were spent in pose analysis and anatomical study. By the end of the course, I felt fully confident to teach a yin class, and also to continue to pursue my own studies. The course is a fantastic springboard into the world of letting go and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested to find out more about yin, whether to deepen a personal practice or to be able to share the practice with others.

Abi Barber, Yoga Teacher


Austin has been my teacher for well over 8 years. He's an outstanding teacher and I have improved immensely thanks to his teaching. I did my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance US teacher training with Shanti Power Yoga because he was teaching it and I knew that I would leave there with a wealth of information. I had been curious about Yin, I had looked at a few classes online, read about it, decided to go to a few classes but I've always been an active person so passive stretches held for a long period of time didn't really seem really appealing or challenging, it was more like slow torture, and it was only appealing just as a lazy way of teaching yoga! When Austin told me that he was running a Yin teacher training I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about. I've learnt so much about connective tissue, different body types, functional movement, ROM etc., it has changed my usual active practice and the way that I teach. I have learnt the importance of yin, not only as a student but especially as a teacher and now not only do I teach it but practice it and as a result I've been able to see the difference in my natural movements in a relatively short period of time. I enjoyed the schedule of the training with 5 days on, then off at the weekend, it gave the brain time to assimilate what we had learnt and also to do some research on my own. I still didn't experience the benefits of a great sleep after a practice like most of my colleagues and students have but maybe one day.

Roxana Cristescu, Yoga Teacher​

Thank you so much for the yin training, the course was so thorough and detailed and well laid out. I learnt and retained more about anatomy, and how our bodies move than on so many other trainings, you break it down so clearly, and your humorous detailed training. Made the information easy to understand and recall. I loved the rigour and routine of morning silence, meditation, and chanting followed by the long yin practice it felt such a grounding, soothing start to the day. A wonderful experience and a great preparation for going deep into learning about all aspects of yin from the more esoteric philosophy, to the physical and the energetic. I loved your clear, concise teaching and the layered repetition, I feel confident to teach yin, love it in my own practice and it just reminding me to have a more slowed down mindful approach to life in general. I love yin in every way! Even for the bits I don’t like in a long hold, body aching I feel I am growing in mental strength as my body softens and discovers how to truly let go. One of the biggest learnings, and there were obviously so many, was when you let it slip that your mother passed away just 2 weeks before and your aunt passed away the night before (sending my sincerest condolences and thoughts are with you) but nevertheless you continued the training so fully present with us all that we would never have guessed you had gone through such losses. It was humbling. I so appreciated you squeezing me in last minute. With love and thanks. 

Samantha Trinder, Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur        

Taking part in Austin’s Yin Training was one of the best decisions I have made. I had been suffering from a back injury for several months before the course, as a result I had limited my dynamic yoga practice. I got in touch with Austin a couple months before the course and he shared his experience with recovering from back injury and offered useful guidance on how I could approach it. My back started to improve and during the course it got better and better! A big part of Yin Training focuses on the spine, its movement, differences in anatomy between people, how to keep it and the body healthy. The course also explores the powerful mind and body connection. I had many “Aha” moments during the course, realising and reflecting on how I had contributed to my own back problems and what I could do to change that. Austin has a huge knowledge in the spinal health area and shares it in such an interesting and easy to understand way and with a dose of Scottish humour! The course started right after coronavirus lockdown was lifted. The Yin Yoga we learned and practiced during the course totally reset my nervous system, from being highly stressed, due to challenges caused by coronavirus (my husband and I both work in healthcare), back to a relaxed and balanced state. I had the best sleep in my life during the course (which is one of the benefits of Yin Yoga). I would highly recommend the Yin Training to anyone struggling with back problems, to anyone who wants to teach Yin, to yoga teachers who want to teach any type of yoga in a safe way so as not to cause injuries to themselves or students and to yoga teachers who would like to refresh their teaching skills. The course took place at YogaWorks Studio, which is sparkling clean, it has been thoughtfully adapted to maintain social distancing, and the owner goes above and beyond to make sure that all measures are taken to provide a safe place to practice yoga.

Joanna, Health Worker and Yoga Teacher


I had attended Austin's Vinyasa and Yin classes for a while and always got so much from them. I hadn't thought about doing any teacher training before, but the more I went to Austin's Yin classes the more I wanted to learn about the practice. The teacher training was fantastic! Not only did I learn so much about the practice of Yin and teaching, but I also learnt so much about my own practice. We had a small group with mixed teaching experience, some had taught for years and others like me hadn't taught at all. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their Yin practice and anyone looking to teach Yin.

Myah Caro, Dental Practice Management​

It is one week since I completed Austin's teacher training and I have already led my first class as an instructor. Without wanting to give too much away the course covered aspects of meditation, breathing, Daoist philosophy, anatomy & physiology, alongside the principles of Yin yoga as described in "The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" by Bernie Clark. The postures were thoroughly broken down and we spent plenty of time discussing the sequencing of asanas and how this might affect a given practice. As a registered osteopath and Pilates instructor I have found the course to be invaluable, complimenting my own approaches to healthcare and exercise. Highly recommended. 

Jimmy Morris, Osteopath, Body Worker and Pilates Instructor

After 7 days on the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Austin I felt comfortable knowing what I was doing in poses, all the concepts become very easy, and most importantly for me. I could understand what was taking place in my body. I not only allowed my body to let go deeper into a pose and felt it's amazing benefits. I also felt challenged to start asking questions and not take anything because it has been said so but to feel it, be aware of it and try it, and ask why :). The way the course sessions were structured was professional and well organised. I felt that during all 7 days we were in very good, professional hands. It was not only a journey to yin yoga but also to myself, stillness and it definitely helped open up new space in me. I truly recommend Austin's teaching program - as I feel I’ve benefited a lot from it. I can't wait to incorporate my knowledge putting it into action and teaching myself and others this art.

Anna Bojaryn, Yoga Teacher

I'm a regular yang practitioner and for many months my body was craving for a different kind of movement. Not knowing what to expect, I've signed for Austin's Yin Teacher Training. Since completing the course, my understanding of the body and body movement has significantly expanded; my personal practice has been transformed as I'm now able to access deeper layers of my body and mind. If you're hesitating, I can only say "Go for it and let the process unfold!" Austin is very generous with his knowledge and this course will certainly provide you with a new lens and equip you with tools you can use on and off the mat.

Maria Elena Mercado, Yoga Teacher​

I have completed a number of yoga trainings and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from Austin's “Art of Letting Go” Yin course - but my expectations were surpassed by the quality of teaching, Austin's knowledge and expert tuition. It was such an enriching, beautiful and immersive learning experience and, thanks to Austin, I've fallen in love with this practice. In the spirit of Yin “Those who seek knowledge collect something every day. Those who seek The Way, “let go of something every day”. Do this course and you will do both. 100% recommended. I would do it all over again for all the expert, yet accessible anatomy information and the luxurious 2 hour long daily yin practice led by the masterful Austin. Thank you so much! 🙏

Veronika Karailieva, Communications Manager and Yoga Teacher

The training offered a deep immersion into the theory and practice of Yin Yoga. It challenged my teaching habits and opened me up to understanding that everybody is different. I really enjoyed the experience and would recommend the training to anyone who is interested in developing their Yin Yoga practice.

Veronica Youdell, Singer and Yoga Teacher 

Yin yoga teacher training completed with the wonderful Austin. Thank you for creating an informative course delivered with enthusiasm and much appreciated dry sense of humour. I learnt a lot and unlearnt a lot too. Yin yoga has added so much to my personal yoga practice that I didn't know I needed. I hope to share the benefits of yin yoga with others too. I will be weaving yin yoga into private sessions and will in the new ear offer a group yin yoga class.

Neetu Dhillon, Yoga Teacher


Austin’s yin yoga teacher training is just what I needed. I received so much more than a yoga course. His way of teaching is inspirational and transformative. The course content was very well structured with a fantastic and comprehensive manual. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and holding such a safe and peaceful space for us. I’m so grateful.

Kitti Perlaki Yoga teacher & Massage Therapist 

I'm not a yoga teacher, just a guy who has discovered the value of Yoga in one’s daily life. I used to do a lot of weights in my early years, but a friend recommended I try Yin Yoga to help me stretch more, and it's a great supplement to my more Yang general Yoga practice.  After the seven days   can get lower into my forward fold than ever before, and I finally underhand what it means to find one's edge and not push too much to achieve one's goals. I highly recommend the course if you have a passion for Yoga like me or want to learn more as a yoga teacher. Austin has a deep knowledge of the subject and a friendly yet firm approach. He shares anecdotes and experiences along the way; he has a very practical approach to the study of Yin and has trained with some of the big Yin Yoga names.  Should you take this cause? I am delighted to give a strong recommendation that you should. I am sure you will learn something about Yoga and yourself along the way. 

Jason Nash, Product and Marketing Consultant

Austin is such a great teacher. He explains everything in a very detailed way, every pose and its function. The training was extremely well organised and captivating. The morning meditation and chanting, in my opinion, was the best way to connect deeply with the practice and the day ahead. It was fascinating to learn more about how the body works, especially the significance of our fascia. There were great explanations of anatomy concepts and Yin Yoga origins. I’d recommend this training 100% teachers and for anyone who wants to start the journey into Yin Yoga. 

Federica Guerrieri, Yoga Teacher

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