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Class Testimonials

I struggle to pick a favorite style BUT for me your class is the perfect blend. Some flow, some dynamic poses, some restorative etc. The mix of poses was spot on and I REALLY enjoyed when you showed the class how far the pose could go and how to get there. It was really inspiring and great to see that with practice and dedication one's body is capable of so much. Lastly, a 90 minute class on a Saturday in the snow is not always so enjoyable, but I can truely say I left in such a great mood and feeling strong, focused and ready for the day!

Jaime Uresse, Financial Times


I was hooked on Austin's classes from the first one. His dynamic vinyasa flows are fun and engaging, and allow practitioners of all levels to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. He has a unique ability to encourage people to try new things and believe in their own abilities. With Austin I have been able to fine-tune my practice in many ways and after savasana I always have a sense of achievement, in whichever way that may be. Austin is also able to help you relate your practice and efforts to everyday life, something not all teachers are able to transmit and which I personally find is one of the keys to 'getting' yoga.

Sila Cameselle, Travel Journalist


Austin is my favourite yoga teacher, his classes are truly unique. For me this is because his classes not just challenge me physically but ground me emotionally and really bring me into the mat and into the present moment. It's not just Austin's knowledge of the physical asanas of yoga that make him such an amazing teacher but also his mindfulness tips and techniques throughout class which enable me to connect my mind, body, breath and soul. I always leave Austin's class feeling calm, grounded and happy even if I entered not feeling my very best! Thank you for being such a wonderful, encouraging soul! Lots of love.

Anika Patel, Dentist


I came to Austin's class as a Pilates teacher but a complete yoga novice. I actually had a lot of preconceptions about yoga which were quite negative- especially coming from a Pilates background where I'd seen some clients with injuries sustained from yoga practice with other teachers. Well, a year on from that first amazing class with Austin, my weekends now revolve around ensuring I can attend his timetable as his dynamic classes have become key to my improved physical strength, joint health and mental attitude. I love Austin's teaching style which combines hands on teaching, adherence to good form and importantly, a sense of humour. The sense of well being I gain after practice is second to none. I can't recommend his teaching highly enough.

Katie Power, Pilates Teacher, Lawyer and Author


Austin is quite simply an excellent yoga teacher; from bringing new beginners into the class and overcoming initial fears/sense of intimidation, through to taking more advanced students to new levels. Austin has a unique and very enjoyable style of yoga, and probably the ideal combination of skills; Excellent guidance on anatomical alignment and physiology benefits of poses, focus on good technique to prevent injury.  Encyclopedic knowledge of variations and progressions on poses so classes are always interesting,  you're continually learning something new - either a small adjustment for a deeper pose, or a whole new pose, you never knew you could do. As well as demonstrating, Austin is connects with each of his students - that moment we all dream off when the instructor comes to your mat and helps you push deeper into a down dog, or go for a handstand or headstand etc. is never far away! Austin is hands-on when needed/wanted, precise, careful and clean in his adjustments. He develops a sense of spirituality and community in the classroom with a strong dose of dry Scottish humour. A one on one lesson with Austin is better than a PT session/massage/facial - whatever that one hour treat is you give yourself. I promise you'll walk away feeling better after a session with Austin than any of the others. He works with you to understand and then focus on the areas you want to improve on, whilst also making his own careful observations, and helping correct any bad habits. After 10 years of yoga, I've had to  reprogram a few poses but they feel so much better now. Austin is impeccably punctual, trustworthy and a pleasure and inspiration to have as a teacher. You may also ache a little the next day but in a good way!

Annie Mickle, Compliance Director


I started my yoga practice from scratch with Austin – a total beginner. There is often a misconstrued concept that you have to be really flexible to do yoga – but it really isn’t the case. That’s something that Austin taught me through his words during class – That it isn’t about forcing, it’s the intention that counts. I especially enjoys his classes because of his teaching technique; he talks us through the poses and really helps us come into the present moment. He corrects us carefully wherever he can, as well as provides an energising flow. I always finish class feeling open, happy (sweaty!!) and calm. There is a humbling feeling of community and warmth in Austin’s classes which is hard to find these days. Through his classes I have learnt more about being mindful and kind to the body. I often use breathing techniques I have learnt in class to simply slow down wherever I am. I’ve truly found a passion in yoga and Austin has a big part to play in that – I am very excited about doing my teacher training with Shanti Power Yoga next year. Thank you for being part of my journey and discovery.

Misha Patel, Business Development Officer, The Lister Hospital


Austin is a brilliant and inspiring teacher who really cares about how his students respond and progress. His classes are both physically demanding (at least I find them so!) and restorative...I often find myself drifting off in savasana at the end of the class as I'm so relaxed! He mixes up his classes with familiar routines as well as new challenges. A word of warning though: Austin's classes are not for slackers; he will spot you from a mile off and push you to your limits! 

Mary Van Der Westhuizen, City Lawyer, Nutritionist and Mother of four!


I had my first yoga experience with Austin as my instructor. I waited a lot to find the perfect opportunity and person for that and all I can say is that IT WAS perfect. Austin is the best you can get. He knows how to push your limits without you even feeling like it's being difficult or challenging in the "competing" way. He opened up a very important door of my existence and I can only thank him for that.

Iulia Andreea Smeu, Violinist, The World Orchestra, Romania

I love Austin's teaching style. He is unassuming and super experienced making the class very accessible and minful and ensures i actually practice yoga rather just throw shapes

Roisin Mcgrogan


I've known Austin for years from what seems like another world of music and recording studios.  When he invited me to one of his yoga classes I was intrigued to say the least.  I'd tried yoga a few times before but never kept it up.  After a few of Austin's classes I was totally hooked and have continued ever since.  The classes are great for anyone as he will adapt your practice to suit your needs, while at the same time being challenging enough for those with more experience.  Top that off with some great tunes plus a healthy sense of humour and it's a winning combination.  

Phil Harmer, Musician, Recording Engineer


I first met Austin a few months ago on a course and i’ve been in awe of his practice since. he is amazing to watch, his strength is phenomenal. and his classes are super fun and dynamic. he will encourage you to take your practice further by offering varied levels of modifications and transitions. while his teaching is accessible to everyone, more advanced yogis will appreciate the opportunity to play and try out new things.

Courtney Stefanowicz, Yoga Teacher, Blogger


A few years back, Austin and I attended the same yoga classes and I am proud to say that I have watched him progress from a strong practitioner to an amazing teacher. I absolutely love Austin’s classes – he gives clear instructions and great adjustments, coupled with the right mix of challenge and encouragement.  All this comes with a generous serving of wit and humour and  personal attention for all the students.  His personal story is truly inspiring; giving people hope that it is never too late to embark on their own yoga journey and transform their lives in the way Austin did. 

Helena Sain, founder of Samsara Mind and Body


Austin introduced me to world of yoga. We met last summer on a recording session, we were working together on the same project. After a dinner, we started to talk about yoga and how it helped him to change his health, body and state of mind. He quickly created an interest for me to start up yoga classes and I asked him, curiously, to teach me....luckily he accepted! Next morning, at 8.00 am we started with a vinyasa yoga class....we did 1h30'min class. During that time, I was flowing, feeling myself in a different way that I did never before. It was my first time at having mind and body connected. I cannot explain in words how Austin classes made me. He helped me to change my style of life. Unfortunately, as I live in Spain, I couldn't continue classes with him but he has introduced me to healthy ways to get balance on my own. I am really thankful and if some day I move to London, he will be my teacher. He knows how to drive you, to help you find yoga as part of your life.

Angela Benavent, Orcherstral Co-ordinator The World Orchestra, Spain

Austin led us through a variety of poses that he described as preparatory poses for the more advanced poses later on in the class.  I had always seen these tougher poses in books (parsva bakasana, tripod head stand transitioning to chataranga, and some other side balance upside down pose which looked so hard!) but I never had the courage to attempt these before, under Austin's guidance these were totally achievable.  I was amazed!

Basically Austin has fast-tracked my yoga practise (and courage!) about 10 years in a single class.

I will be making this class a firm addition to my weekly yoga practise from now on!

Pollyana Springer, Fashion designer

Such a wonderful way to end a week! The deep release class with Austin Ince was totally fabulous. The yoga was sublime and delivered with the perfect mix of dry wit and yin philosophy! Totally recommend.



I absolutely love Austin's classes, he is one of the best teacher's I've come across. Really knowledgeable and great class setting.


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