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200 hour TTC Testimonials 

I had been practicing with Austin for 4 years when he told me he would be running a teacher training program; I was 6 months pregnant at the time and the course was only a few months after I was due. I made the decision to commit to the course, and it was one of the best ones I have ever made. Austin and Simona are full of knowledge on philosophy, anatomy, asanas as well as practical experience (and everything in between). They are a perfect combination to lead new teachers as their knowledge and skill set balance each other so well. They are never judgmental, and they are incredibly patient and light-hearted. Since the program I have taught at numerous locations in London, as well as in the US. The course was full of interesting and fun people, and never once did I feel intimidated or pressure to only consume raw chia goji bee pollen smoothies. I can not say enough positive things about the Shanti Power course, and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to teach, but also to anyone who loves yoga. It was truly awesome!

Jaime Fairey


I went to Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training course as I wanted to improve my practice further to many enjoyable (and often tough) lessons with Simona. I achieved what I had set out for and so much more. It was so interesting learning about the history of yoga, anatomy of the body and how to put this all together with the actual teaching. 
And we had so much fun! A lovely group and a jolly dynamic enveloped the course and led to me coming away with friends, knowledge, a better yoga practise and certificate to teach yoga!
Thanks to Austin and Simona for being so inspirational.

Anna Easton


Best decision ever!!! I had been thinking of doing a yoga teaching course but not being very experienced I was a bit intimidated by the big yoga schools, and none of them felt right, luckily I came across a crazy Scot who told me about his teaching course and from the very start I knew I was making the right decision. I mainly wanted to improve my yoga practice as I had only ever done Bikram, and wanted to learn more about the history and philosophy, and the Shanti Power Yoga teaching course gave me everything I was looking for and more. The format of the training was perfect - the right amount of yoga balanced with anatomy and philosophy in an approachable, fun and relaxed manner. Simona and Austin were wonderful, supportive teachers and I learned so much and really improved my practice. What really made the whole course was the other students, and I was blessed with such a lovely group. I was expecting to walk away having learnt a good deal more about Ashtanga yoga, but what I didn't expect was to meet such great people that I'm lucky to consider good friends, and now yoga has really become part of my life. I never imagined having the confidence to stand up and teach in front of a class, but I did, and I loved it and am looking forward to developing my practice and my teaching over the next year so I can make a career of it! So if you are unsure if this is for you, give it a go, challenge yourself, believe me it's worth it.

Sile Nolan


Austin has been my yoga teacher for ten years. I really like his style of teaching and the intensity of his classes. I had been looking for a yoga teacher training for a while and I was very happy to hear that him and Simona were doing one. During the training I got to know Simona better and they both really gave it their all and really cared about what they were doing. We were not just a class or another number. Their knowledge and open mindedness was the best foundation we could possibly have. The training proved to be more than I expected. I've learnt so much about anatomy, yoga philosophy, postures, teaching etc that it's hard to realise how much I have been able to cram into a 200 hours teacher training course. I particularly liked the format, it's weekends and then there are breaks to help assimilate all the new information. The size of the class is perfect as I truly felt that we all got the deserved attention and equal amount of time teaching, explaining etc. It was a great experience to watch ourselves grow in confidence and move from "student" to "teacher". Nobody was left behind, we all moved together and at the end I felt really proud for everyone. I truly enjoyed our exam classes as even if we have all learnt exactly the same everyone had their own style and picked up whatever was more suited to their personality. I think we all still miss it. And I know that I'm looking forward to Austin and Simona deciding to give it a shot for a 300hrs teacher training.

Roxana Cristescu 


One of the best decisions I ever made.  My main objective of doing the Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training was just to develop my own practice - but I got so much more out of it; a deeper understanding & appreciation of the history of yoga, meditation, the muscles of yoga and the work that goes into developing an interesting and dynamic yoga class to teach!  And I didn't expect  how much my love of yoga & my desire to teach would develop - so much so that I now teach regular classes at work and with private clients.  On top of that I made some great new 'yoga friends' - all connected by our love and interest in yoga.  Thanks Simona and Austin for putting together a course that had a good mix of practice, theory, teaching preparation & actual teaching!  Each day was different and the pace of the course was really good.  I would recommend Shanti Power Yoga for anyone considering Teacher Training.

Angela Marriner


After practicing yoga for nearly 2 years, I took a leap of faith and out of my comfort zone and signed up for the Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training Course. What began as a push to try something different had become a passionate interest and the course seemed the best place to deepen my knowledge. Going in, I was daunted and almost overwhelmed with all the information we needed to cover, but Austin and Simona's combination of teaching styles worked well to balance the philosophy, anatomy, and asana content so it was manageable. The course structure was ideal because it allowed me to accommodate work and family commitments while giving me a chance to still continue my own practice and absorb everything we were learning over the span of the 4 months (10 weekends). I had a fantastic experience and met some great people! I grew in confidence throughout the course because of the excellent teaching and support I received. I finished the course with a huge sense of achievement and will always be grateful to my teachers for pushing me and challenging my limits.

Andria Marie De Burca


I loved my 200 hour teacher training with Shanti Power Yoga. Austin and Simona provided me with the knowledge and confidence to go from teaching one asana to a sun salutation and build up to teaching a full vinyasa flow class. I am amazed at how much I learned, and am already teaching my own weekly class as well as taking covers. I've met some really special people too who are just as crazy about yoga as I am.

Alison Olmi


Thank you so much for taking me onto this journey, it has been amazing.
I would highly recommend your school to anybody who wishes to become teacher or indeed, anybody who would like to gain a profound understanding of yoga generally.
The classes were very well thought through, conveying an interesting mix of philosophy, history, anatomy, yoga poses & instructions. With your long experience in teaching, your enthusiasm and commitment, you inspired us students and you successfully managed to provide us with the set of skills, knowledge, strength and confidence which we will require in order to grow into great teachers.

Katrin Newman

Despite being relatively new to yoga, I had been practising two years, and not being very good at it (according to me) I nonetheless felt that I was not getting enough from my daily practise and that I needed to know more to progress further. I chose Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training, not only because of Simona and Austin’s no-nonsense, open, warm and fun approach - evident if you have attended any of their classes - but also because it offered, what I think is, a holistic overview into the yoga universe: Physical practise (Ashtanga primary series, breathing, mediation),
History of yoga ideas and key philosophical principles,
Modern anatomy and traditional yogic physiology.
As well as the teacher training aspect (be prepared to be thrown in the deep end from very early on). Thus, it is with some trepidation that I embarked on the Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training course. What an adventure it has been. There have been moments of exhilaration, frustration, enlightenment, despair, self-doubt, accomplishment and delight. Ultimately, not only did I achieve what I set out at the beginning i.e. to acquire the tools to improve my practise but I discovered so much more about yoga, myself and how I can set meaningful goals to improve not only my practise but myself. Shanti Power Yoga Teacher Training was the first step on what I hope will be a long and fruitful journey of discovery and self-improvement, with the added bonus of having met some wonderful and supportive people whom I hope to keep as friends for a very, very long time.

Merche Garcia


The 200hr Shanti Power course gave me all of the skills and knowledge I needed to start on the path of becoming a yoga teacher. Also the course took my yoga practise to the next level. Simona and Austin have the right blend of experience, theory, discipline and humour required to make this course a success over the weekends the course ran. I would recommend this course to yoga students wishing to advance as well prospective yoga teachers. All levels of student were welcomed and incorporated to the theory and the practice. Be prepared to put effort into and be challenged on this rewarding experience.

Rob Read


An absolutely life changing experience. I am so happy to be part of this community of teachers, have made some life long friends and learnt more than I expected through the course. Never thought I would be able to actually teach a class of people but it's happened and happening! I can't thank Austin and Simona enough for their guidance and teaching through the course. It was the best decision I made and hope to put all the learning to use in my future classes. The way the course days are structured and the way we were challenged meant we were never bored and always on our toes. A great balanced of physical teaching practice and theoretical material. Would recommend this course and the structure to anyone who is looking to learn more about yoga, deepen their practice, or become a teacher. I hope they will do more teaching courses!!

Misha Patel


Austin and Simona are wonderful teachers, I couldn't have asked for better teachers to start off my yoga journey. They both helped me to find the confidence in my practice and teaching and I cant thank them enough. Not only was the course physically challenging but it was also able to ground me emotionally and I was able to understand how it really felt to be present on the mat. I started the course with most of the emphasis on deepening my practice and not much on teaching, I left the course hungry to start teaching straight away as Austin and Simona helped me find this inner teaching confidence I never thought I had. I will always be forever grateful to my teachers and I am so happy I now know the true meaning of Mula Bandha! Thank you both!

Harriet Taylor

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