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in YOGA MILAN, ITALY, with Austin Ince


Formazione Insegnanti Yin Yoga 60 hrs Milano Ottobre e Novembre 2023 Austin Ince


The Art of Letting Go

A 60-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course – A functional approach


The Art of Letting Go is a Yin Yoga immersion/training open to both qualified Yoga and Pilates teachers and practitioners alike,  led by Austin Ince with the assistance of Monic. The practice of Yin can be incredibly therapeutic and for some students it may be the first step upon their teaching journey. Each day will begin with a twenty-minute meditation, followed by chanting and a two hour plus Yin asana practice. Whilst each daily practice will be different, we will have practiced all the main Yin poses included variations by the end of the course. If you are a Yoga teacher, this course qualifies as 60 hours of CPD with Yoga Alliance. A certificate will be presented upon completion.



Module 1: 27, 28 e 29 October 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Module 2: 17, 18 e 19 November 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Module 1


The origins and lineage of the Yin Yoga practice

The philosophy of the Tao – The Tao Te Ching

Understanding Yin & Yang + applying it to the body and Yoga

The Yin and Yang of our tissues

Correct and safe methods of practice – the theory of exercise

The role importance of our connective tissue/the fascia matrix

Understanding anatomical movement in the three planes

What our physical limitations are + working with them

Tension & Compression – which one is stopping us

The Three Tattvas

An introduction to Cognitive functional therapy


Module 2


Teaching methodology

Using language & music

Theming a class – creating the mood

How to sequence Yin

The three layers of body

Organising poses by target area/the intention of the pose

Asana Lab – analysis of all the key poses

How to modify – creating pose variations + creating your own Yin poses

Using props – to lessen + increase sensations

Teaching a 60-minute yin class one to one

An overview of TCM Meridian Theory



08.00-08.30 – Meditation & Chanting/Gayatri Mantra

08.30-10.45 – Asana practice

10.45-11.15 – Question & Answer/discussion about the practice

11.15-11.30 – Coffee break

11.30-12.00 – Breakdown of Practice

12.00-13.00 – Philosophy of the Tao presentation/lecture/discussion

13.00-14.00 – Lunch Break

14.00-14.10 – Chant/Sahana Vavatu

14.10-15.30 – The Origins of Yin Yoga presentation/slides/talk

15.30-16.00 – The 3 planes and anatomical movements

16.00-16.15 – Coffee break

17.15-18.00 – The Yin & yang of movement/the three-layer body method




If you already have a 200/250 hrs Yoga Alliance Certificate, this course qualifies as 60 hours of CPD with Yoga Alliance. A certificate will be presented upon completion.




To reserve your spot a €500 not refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be deducted from the final amount due.


Early Bird €1050 (by August 31st 2023)

Full Price €1200 (by October 15th 2023)

Go to Yoga Milan to book


"Thank you so much - I really enjoyed the course Austin…. your anatomy teaching is brilliant…I have a much better understanding after this than after 500 hours of YTT.” - Helen

"I learned so much over the week, especially about anatomy which was taught so well making it practical and accessible. I learned more this week than all other courses covering anatomy put together.” - Veronika

"It was so practical and informative. The practices were incredible - I’ve learnt more about my post babies’ body than I have in the last four years so thank you.”- Felicity

"He exudes all the principles of Yin in his teaching techniques, the Effortless Effort, working hard yet allowing us time for things to really sink in. His anatomy teaching is exemplary too. He made concepts I’ve struggled with for years make sense.” - Lizzie


"It challenged my teaching habits and opened me up to understanding that every body is different. I would recommend the training to anyone... interested in developing their Yin Yoga practice." - Veronica 


"The course was... a true immersion into yin. I left feeling completely confident... I would recommend [it] to any yoga teacher interested in learning more." - Jo 


There is one book that I recommend to you too help you through the course.

The second edition of Bernie Clark’s, “The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga”

You don’t have to read it beforehand, in some ways it’s better not to. The concepts are easier to understand once we cover them on the course. By all means feel free to dip into the book but don’t be too concerned if you don’t grasp some of it.

Please contact Yoga Milan for more information or any questions about the course. 

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