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Am I too old, unfit or stiff to practice yoga?

No of course not. Anyone who can breath and move will gain benefits with a regular yoga practice.

What do I need to practice?


Nothing. If it's one to one I bring mats and props to you in classes the studios provide them. It's good to get your own mat. You can purchase a cheap mat for about £10.

What do I wear?


If you've got a pair of loose fitting shorts and t-shirt, then you've all you need! On the other hand, if you're fashion conscious, the sky is the limit! The important thing is to be comfortable.




Can I eat before I practice?

It's advisable not to eat anything for at least 2 hours before you practice. If you have to eat have a piece of fruit. If your stomach is full there's less space to twist and you may get indigestion.


Do we practice in heat?

The practice is at room temperature, warm but not hot. The warmth helps to prevent over straining muscles.


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